Obesity And Back

Obesity And Back

Obesity is a factor that goes against a healthy back. The onset of obesity is very variable but most people will take extra pounds during adulthood.

How do I know if I am overweight or obese?

In medicine a widely used measure is the so-called “Body Mass Index” (BMI). This index is very easy to calculate and gives us an idea of ​​our situation. It is calculated as follows:

Body weight (kg) ÷ (height in meters) 2 = BMI

It is the weight in kilos divided by the square of the height in meters. Let’s see an example: If I measure 1.92 meters and weight 86 kg the calculation would be: 86 ÷ 1,92 2 = 23,3. This would be my BMI.

Once we have this figure, what does it mean?

  • A BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 kg / m 2 is considered a normal weight.
  • Overweight: figures from 25 to 29.9 kg / m 2.
  • Obesity: figures above 30 kg / m 2. More than 40 kg / m 2 would be considered severe obesity.

Why do we get fat?

The motives in most people are fairly simple. Men decrease their physical activity with age and continue to eat quantities of food they no longer need. Women also have two moments in life that can push them to overweight. On the one hand, pregnancies and on the other hand, the hormonal changes that occur at menopause. Let’s talk about the factors that can contribute to obesity:

1 – Factors that we cannot control:

– There are drugs that can induce us to gain weight. If we have no choice but to take them will force us to have a greater control of our habits.

– Genetic factors and some diseases that affect hormones can cause obesity.

Obesity And Back2 – Factors that can act:

– Sleeping less than we need is proven to make us eat more. If we sleep the necessary number of hours and the right quality we will be easier to control what we eat and to exercise.

– Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle involves spending few calories. The moderate exercise performed consistently has undeniable health benefits and will also help us consume the calories we eat.

– The food habits of people are very diverse. We must understand and distinguish two concepts: First, if we eat more calories than we consume we are going to gain weight. Broadly speaking this is true but by no means is it the only thing we should look at. With this we arrive at the second point; As important as or more than controlling the total calories is to control the nutritional balance of what we eat. Being thin and sick is worse than being overweight and well nourished, but getting thin and healthy is not that difficult.

– Quitting smoking tends to gain weight. Probably due to an increase in the amount of food we take and lack of exercise mainly, coupled with the absence of the effect of nicotine in our body.

– Day-to-day stress and the obligations of work and modern life are a factor that makes it difficult to control many of the factors we have discussed. Working meals away from home; Rush to eat to be able to finish a job on time; Obligations to children; there are many causes that make it difficult for us to eat well, to rest well and to exercise.

Why is it bad to have obesity?

Obesity has many negative health effects that have been known for a long time. It is associated with an increase in heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, many cancers and digestive and respiratory diseases. It is also associated with increased osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is nothing more than the aging of our joints with progressive wear of the cartilage and joint structure. This also includes the back.

By logic we would think that we have a greater wear because the body needs to support a greater weight. Well, this is certainly partly true, but there are also data from studies suggesting that obesity alters cartilage and bone metabolism by other mechanisms apart from weight.

How do I solve my obesity problem?

The answer to this question moves millions and millions of dollars in the world. There are thousands of proposals and treatments but there is one thing we cannot forget … common sense. In life, fast and effortless roads do not end well. If we want something real and we are willing to put our commitment, everything can be achieved.

If we are overweight and want to lose weight the greatest difficulty lies in the nature of the human brain. Our brain is not going to let us change our habits so easily. You have to understand that the brain is a survival tool. We have a reptilian brain that pushes us to eat as much as we can in case there is no food tomorrow (it is a very logical animal instinct if we understand where we come from). On the other hand, the brain likes to save energy in case we need them to cope with a threat. Changing habits requires an effort that the brain does not understand as a priority.

We are not designed to live as much as we live today and this change in life expectancy forces us to take care of ourselves if we want to live all these years of more with a certain quality of life. To achieve this, the most important objective is sincerity. Almost no one tells the truth when it comes to analyzing what we eat. To me this does not stop surprising me but I check every day. The most frequent comment I hear in the query is: “if it is that nothing and fat”. This is clearly a lie. What are wrong are the concepts we have of what is a normal meal or we are directly denying our reality. If we are not honest with ourselves and we are not open to our reality is not correct, we will not change anything.

The first thing I recommend to someone who wants to change their lifestyle is to write everything they do for a week: habits, exercise, food, etc. Only by writing and objectively analyzing our situation can we work on change. Then we must slowly and progressively change aspects of our life: food, exercise and healthy habits (sleep, tobacco, etc.). The key is to make small changes from time to time. If we move slowly and steadily we will reach our goal. “When the road is long, the more the mastiff runs than the greyhound.”

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