How To Prepare A Crust And 4 Sweet Cakes To Enjoy

How To Prepare A Crust And 4 Sweet Cakes To Enjoy

How to prepare a broken dough and 4 sweet cakes to enjoy: presentation

Broken dough or baking dough is a basic recipe for both sweet and savory preparations. You can prepare rich salty cakes like quiche or dare to make delicious cream pies with this crunchy and firm base. This dough is the base that usually supports a cake with soft and creamy texture. There are those who add sugar if you use it in confectionery, but I prefer not to do it because with the sugar of the filling will be enough to use it in desserts. So if you keep this dough in your particular recipe, you can make all kinds of sweet or savory cakes.

Although I always have some base purchased in my refrigerator, from time to time, I like to make it at home. Kneading with your hands is one of the best experiences in the kitchen. In addition, if you have children at home, you will see how besides helping you, enjoy the beautiful. So I want to introduce you to the mass of this dough as four sweets with which you can practice their preparation.

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How To Prepare A Crust And 4 Sweet Cakes To EnjoyCompilation: How to prepare a broken dough and 4 sweet cakes to enjoy

I bring you the basic Recipe of the broken dough or breeze mass (RECIPE WRITTEN HERE).  A complete tutorial with your step by step images that I hope will help you to make you perfect. The ingredients in this dough are flour, eggs, butter and a pinch of salt. It is dough, rests and spreads in a mold where it is baked and ready to use. Easy and I assure you a lot of fun. I leave the recipe on video so you can see how simple it is to make it.

The first recipe I am going to present is this American Plum Pie. Plum pie (RECIPE HERE). Fill a mold of broken dough with a preparation based on fresh plums, sugar, corn flour and cinnamon. Garnish with strips of broken dough and bake. The result is simply spectacular. Look what looks richer!

 On a baked baking sheet, place a layer of chocolate cream and cover with a cream based on whipped cream and white cream that is prepared in thermomix with milk, sugar, flour and vanilla. It ends with a rich and colorful chocolate noodles.

The following recipe comes from the blog Smells Good! It is a rich cake of yogurt with caramel. Prepare broken dough to which chocolate is added and then covered with a caramel based on caramelized sugar and cream. Above, the Greek yogurt is added with gelatine and decorated with frsca grapes. A good idea for a delicious cake.

And to finish, I want to leave you this rich and classic Apple Pie. I also bring it from my blog and it is so easy that even a child could do it. It is spread sliced and is covered with a pastry cream based on hevos, sugar, milk and cinnamon, which are heated to the fire. Then cover the base with the cream, spread the apple cut into slivers and, once baked, covered with a bright layer of peach jam or apricot. It is a true wonder!

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