Six Healthy Habits That Will Reenergize Your Life

Six Healthy Habits That Will Reenergize Your Life

The day I decided to do something to take care of my health I realized that I was tied to bad habits and routines that I needed to renew, even if I did not know where to start.

A routine is something that is done unconsciously and therefore many times I did not realize how many habits were seriously harming my health.   Therefore, the first thing I had to do is pay attention to how I ate breakfast, how I slept, what clothes   I wore, how I entertained, in short, everything that was automated in my life and was doing it for me.

The next step was to gradually replace some of those bad habits that made me feel bad for others. Today I want to give you some of those who served me so that you can appreciate them. You may see them as irrelevant details, but persisting in them increased my energy and helped me to create the healthier life I enjoy today.

1) Get up on time

Be aware of how you get up each day. A lot of people get up with the hour of the day, turning off and reprogramming the alarm clock incessantly, having nothing prepared and having a coffee drunk inside or outside their house. These types of habits stress the mind and body, and ultimately, trigger the stress hormone-related hormone cortisol.

You may see it obvious but how are we going to greet our colleagues, do our work efficiently, make healthy food choices, if we are disoriented and full of stress from the early hours of the morning?

Taking the habit of going to bed 15 minutes before each day or to advance 15 minutes the alarm clock will give a small margin but wide enough for the start with more playfulness of the morning, which will  allow to start the day with greater fluidity and confidence. As you experience more benefits, you will increase the scope of these new routines and feel better.

Six Healthy Habits That Will Reenergize Your Life2) Have a plan and stick to it.

I never played sports in the morning because I had the conviction that I did not have time. However, I came one day that I felt that the morning was an ideal time not to fail. So I set out to do a 15-minute routine for only one week, and only for 3 days. The idea was to run 5 to 15 minutes progressively. So I started my first running training. The goal was so small that it seemed ridiculous, and I did it for 4 days, this made me feel better at the end of the week, having exercised for an hour. Paradoxically, spending time in my health made me be more effective and therefore enjoy more time during the day.

Start with a very small exercise plan, you can try a series of 20   stretches, jumps, 10 minutes of running, etc. Whatever it is, stick to that plan and repeat, repeat … the brain will begin to observe the pleasurable effects of the endorphins that you generate and it will be easier for you to adhere to your routine gradually increasing to feel better.

3) Meditate before the start of the day.

One of the routines I feel most grateful for has been to discover meditation. A few minutes, better than 20 minutes, can help reduce stress and improve your mood to flow and co-create your day. There are lots of practical methods, Internet Apps and simple starters to get you started. I personally like to recommend “The Little Book of Mindfulness”.

Dedicating a few minutes to meeting oneself is a simple habit that can work true wonders in life.

4) Includes some raw food in your breakfast.

Taking a handful of baked nuts, apple, orange and carrot juices, or better  a fresh fruit, increases resistance to disease, rejuvenates and gives more skin.

The sugar present in the fruit is preferable to any refined sugar found in cookies or pastries that damages our teeth, our figure and generates a feeling of excessive hunger shortly after having breakfast.

If you need more energy, opt for complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread or cereals, and accompany it with proteins like turkey, ham or egg with a little olive oil.

5) Fill your home with healthy food and drink

If you take a day to write down all the drinks you consume in a day and check the labeling,   you will be amazed at the amount of sugar, sodium and other non-nutrients you are putting into your body simply by drinking.

Many of the coffees, sodas, and other drinks I had in the past were bad habits I had acquired for not having anything else at hand and the resources to quench my hunger for food and activities that actually satisfied me.

A simple but often we cannot think, advice is to drink a glass of water before eating a bag of fried foods, sweets or chocolates that often leave us even more hungry and thirsty and make them consume more calories   than they could possibly need.

Turn water into your drink of choice. You will see how your weight decreases gradually.

6)   Learn to listen to your body. Watch your rhythm and do not overdo it.

  • Take a moment to check on yourself.
  • How does your body feel right now?
  • If you are in good health the analysis of the symptoms can be more subtle:
  • Tension in the neck? Back pain? Headache? Fatigue?.

Whether it’s the symptoms of a pathology, minor annoyances or simple curiosity about how to increase your vitality, there’s good news:  your body can become your best ally!

Our body is well equipped with natural repair mechanisms that are also very influenced by thoughts, feelings and emotions. Therefore, notice those negative thoughts that may be undermining your mood and your routines.

When I stopped smoking,   I learned to observe the thoughts that made me take a cigarette even though my healthy inner voice tried to hear her whispering:  why do you mistreat yourself? Do not you see how bad you feel?.. Do you notice how you feel dizzy? … But my “enjoyable voice” had more volume and I would answer: “Well, it’s just one more, Everybody does it .. But who are you going to talk to? “When I learned to identify those automatic responses, victimizing, negative, etc.,

Pay attention to your most vehement thoughts and learn to let them go, to feel good about discomfort, and let your automatic, scared or capricious mind not triumph over your healthier self.

Do you want to continue reading key tips that will change your health and your life?

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