How To Take Your Health To A Higher Level

How To Take Your Health To A Higher Level

You will agree that all success and social position would have no value if we do not have health to keep it, enjoy it and share it, but what exactly is health ?

In summary, we could say that health consists of having a body free of pain and disease.

And now! … Do you think that would be enough to feel the maximum in your life?

I think that would be more like being at a neutral point in your “health bank”, without debts but without savings. Economic well-being means having plenty and not just enough to go. Similarly, the goal for perfect health would be to have a surplus of energy and strength.

How To Take Your Health To A Higher LevelDo you really need a health surplus in your life today?

Is that in the end if you do not have the perception that it makes up for you to quit smoking, eat better, train your mind, it is normal for health to become secondary in your life and defer solutions, putting all kinds of excuses for not watch over you.

Health is a function of the value that each one can perceive of it in its day to day.

 And what would it be for you to be healthier now? Maybe have more energy, lose those extra pounds, be able to focus on the positive, manage your illness better, accept serenely the challenges of life, etc.

Personally, having more health equals having a balance based on my lifestyle, that is, everything I do on a daily basis. A balanced lifestyle results in good health.

More and more people are having breakfast coffee, they take a snack filled with sugar as a breakfast, they work with light refreshment in front of their computer, they do not change their position for hours and at night they drink wine or beer to release your stress.

Do you imagine what kind of health can be derived from those habits?

The consequences of breaking the natural cycles according to our own nature are harmful to our body.

Each body warns of a form: pains, lack of defenses, fatigue, etc. I myself lived it in first person and I concluded this equality: “unbalanced life = bad health”. The lack of order, priorities, not focusing on the important and dedicate time to my care, I lead to a situation of weakness and suffering. Thanks to my concern for leaving the best tools, I discovered this healthy order for my health and free myself from tobacco, fast eating, anxiety and a long etcetera of bad habits that have made me another person, much healthier and happy.

First of all there is a natural order as the harmonic functioning that exists in nature, but we usually disperse from our care. In the immediate society in which we live, we are looking for quick ways to solve our problems, but in reality, there are still many people unable to deal with their pain and abandon bad habits to live with more energy and health.

And how to change it? We all want to change but those changes only occur when we feel an attraction to pleasure or we want to move away from a painful situation. If we watch after a season of sport more athletic and thin, we encourage continuing putting that activity in our agenda. And on the contrary, when it is difficult for us to dress or we do not stand up the stairs, we feel enough pain to decide to lose weight, exercise more, etc. Let’s not say when we are diagnosed with a disorder or a health problem.

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