5 Exercises To Keep Your Brain In Shape

5 Exercises To Keep Your Brain In Shape

Today I will teach you some exercises for the brain, to keep it fit and active.

With the passage of time and, especially with the stress that is increasingly ingrained in our day to day, our brain can run the risk of deteriorating. That is, mental functions do not develop properly like when we were younger. But that can be fixed by eliminating the negative effects. Although it may seem somewhat absurd these exercise will assure us that a delay in the appearance of mental deterioration because of the passage of years and stress. How do we do it? Following a series of exercises just like we do to keep our body in shape.

Many times we are not aware of it but some of the physical activities that we do or that we could do improve our cognitive abilities, which is why we say that they help keep our brains younger. Let’s see what they are:

1. Train our mind by lifting weights

Among the exercises we can do to make our brain healthy and young is weight lifting. What could not you have imagined? For some it may seem strange but lifting weights helps reduce homocysteine levels, an inflammatory molecule that experts often find in the brains of the elderly who suffer from senile dementia. So lifting weights can be considered a complete workout because it helps to regenerate brain cells.

5 Exercises To Keep Your Brain In Shape2. Walk briskly

If you like to walk, you are in luck because walking at brisk pace is one of the exercises that best fits the brain. Ideal for keeping your mind well balanced. Of course, nothing to go on a walk stopping to see shops or turtle walk. Your thing to do well is to walk at least 40 minutes a day, 3 times a week, and at a good pace. This is important to improve the connectivity between the two cerebral hemispheres and to combat the deterioration of the mind that makes its way through the onset of old age. Also walking is good because it distances us from stress, among other benefits.

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3. Oxygenate the mind with dance

One of the best ways to keep your brain in shape is to dance. It is one of the best ways to oxygenate the brain and promote the release of endorphins and serotonin; substances that help us feel well and tranquil.

Dance can also stabilize cortisol levels, which brings benefits similar to an antidepressant.

Moreover, dancing is achieved by delaying the loss of volume of the hippocampus thus favoring mental flexibility.

4. The mind must be programmed with memory activities

Play, that’s the key. Choosing games in which we should exercise memory is paramount to maintaining a healthy brain. For example, trying to remember phone numbers, or activities that we had scheduled to do during the day … If you repeat these types of exercises daily, the brain will begin to store data much more easily, and it is also improved in the field of creativity.

5. If dance was a good ally for the brain, music was not going to be less…

Have you ever heard of Mozart? Certainly, well, there are studies that say that the melodies created by this great composer are able to improve concentration and promote relaxation, other than serving to cope with stress. Not for nothing, music is one of those exercises that we should do every day to stimulate the brain and make it more receptive and able to be open to new things. Mozart: The Complete Operas [DVD]

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