Burning Stomach And Heavy Digestions? Medications And Advice

Burning Stomach And Heavy Digestions? Medications And Advice

 Today I would like to give you a series of tips that you can do to avoid taking antacids or stomach protectors. Many times we can prevent the appearance of ardor, dyspepsias or heavy digestions, thus saving us a bad time and having to resort to medications for these disorders.

Let’s start by looking at the antacids that exist, quickly and clearly:

Gastric proton pump inhibitors (IBP). Although it sounds strange and unknown name are the most used. In this group we find omeprazole, esomeprazole, lansoprazole or rabeprazole. It acts by reducing the levels of gastric acid that our stomach generates. Its effect lasts 24 hours.

The so-called gastric Protector do not protect above all and do not serve everything.

Omeprazole and alcohol

And this I say because many people come to the pharmacy asking for all sorts of stomachaches or to drink alcohol as condemned. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but it does not act on the protons of food or drink. In addition, it should be taken in the morning, fasting (30 minutes before breakfast) and with water or juice, no milk and much less alcohol. Mixing IBP with alcohol (in non-moderate amounts as it would be partying to get drunk) means that vitamin B12 is not absorbed correctly. I recommend you read Vitamin B12: Properties, Food and Values and the Article on Vitamin Deficit When you have vitamin deficits in your body this happens to you.

It also interferes if you are taking other types of medication.

  • The first idea I want to remove from your head is to form a protective film in the stomach. They do not act this way and although they are often necessary to avoid damages in the stomach, other times they can be harmful. They should not be taken lightly.
  • Chronic consumption (over a year) and high doses (40mg) may give vitamin B12 deficiency, iron or magnesium, osteoporosis, gastric infections, nephritis, pneumonia … It is important to take the prescribed dose and the prescribed time and not abuse this Type of proton pumps.
  • In what cases is it recommended? If you take anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants or antiaggregants, corticosteroids or aspirin. In cases of ulcer (gastric or duodenal). There are other cases where it can be taken as Zollinger Syndrome -Ellison, Helicobacter pylori, hemorrhages, Erge …

Burning Stomach And Heavy Digestions? Medications And AdviceFruit salts:

  • Sodium bicarbonate and fruit salts. It is best to avoid them. Their sodium content makes them undesirable in people with hypertension, kidney problems, heart or liver problems. Many times they give a rebound effect and hyperacidity appears a few hours later.
  • Antihistamines. Yes, they are also used for heartburn. Which one of them? Ranitidine: Its effect lasts 12 hours (24 hours if it is at high doses). It acts by causing the body to generate more mucous layer in the stomach.
  • You go out. They are hardly absorbed and act locally. They are used when we do not usually have burning in a habitual way but we feel burning in a punctual way. The “almost” is important because there is a small part that is absorbed and we would have to take it into account for example in the case of pregnant women. In these cases it would be better to use the magnesium salts.

Within the salts there are several such as:

  • Magnesium salts: Suitable for pregnant women in low doses. As negative points we can say that although we notice the effect very quickly also goes before the other salts. One of the most used is Magnesia cinfa. Sometimes it can give diarrhea.
  • Aluminum salts: It costs more to take effect but its action lasts longer than in the magnesium salts. In this case they may cause constipation. An example would be Pepsamar.
  • Aluminum / magnesium salts: They are also suitable for pregnant women in low doses. In this case it does not give diarrhea or constipation and is formed by almagatos. The best known are Almax or Gelodrox.

Having said that about the antacids that are used in the pharmacy I will give you the keys to avoid having to take them.

Coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol.  Heartburn

Avoid foods and substances that often cause problems of heartburn and gastric reflux. In this group of products that we should stop consuming we find:

  • The coffee,
  • The tea,
  • The alcohol,
  • The tobacco,
  • The refined sugars,
  • Beverages containing gas,
  • The meals with spicy,
  • The fried food,
  • Watch out for foods that can cause flatulence. I advise you to read do you have irritable gas or colon? Follow the food map diet.
  • Fats of animal origin…

Include foods in the diet that are healthy for your stomach. That is, it is the same as always; follow a healthy and balanced diet. If I still do not understand how there are people who choose to eat poorly knowing all the benefits of knowing how to eat…:

  • Apples: Heartburn
  • Fruit: Pineapple, Apples or papaya, for example, promote digestion and reduce heartburn.
  • Infusions: Try to take an infusion after each meal.

Apart from what you eat is also important to eat slowly and chew food well. The best thing is to chew the food at least 20 times before swallowing it, although I understand that you do not spend the time of the meal counting how many times mastic … Although for guidance can serve.

Nor should you eat a lot at one meal or go to sleep on a full stomach.

Another thing we should avoid is stress. That is why it is advisable to eat without watching the news or touching items on the table that can be stressful or tense. Try to control your breathing. Take deep breaths and from the stomach. If we breathe from the chest with slow breaths we favor these stomach disorders. And if you tend to be stressed by work or your family life … try to have moments in your day when you can practice relaxation techniques.

Here are some tips that are very easy to implement to reduce acidity and facilitate difficult digestions:

  • Eat an apple every morning.
  • Choose a piece of pineapple or papaya after eating.
  • If you like to eat raw potatoes also serve for heartburn.
  • Add an infusion after each meal (and after the piece of fruit :)). Of choice it could be an infusion of chamomile, fennel, green anise, peppermint, dandelion, boldo, gentian or wormwood. I recommend you read the article Natural plants for gastrointestinal problems .
  • If you are stressed take valerian, passionflower. Remember that stress influences your stomach!
  • Chewing licorice (or taking Juanola pills). Of course, be careful because you should not consume if you have high blood pressure.

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