10 Reasons To Start Eating Every Day 1 Apple

10 Reasons To Start Eating Every Day 1 Apple

Eating apples is something that we usually know is healthy, but do you really know how it can help you? We are going to expose 10 reasons that will make you take the habit of eating an apple every day.

1. Reduces cholesterol and maintains glucose levels

Its content in pectins makes them ideal to eliminate LDL in our body in 23% (bad cholesterol) and increase the good in 4% (HDL). What’s more, if you take the habit of eating them daily it also helps reduce glucose intolerance.

2. It has both a laxative and anti-diarrheal effect.

Although it seems impossible the apple has both effects.

In cases of diarrhea it is best to eat up to 3 apples each day. The pectins of the apple cause the intestinal mucosa to deflate and that helps in these cases. To achieve this effect we must peel the apples and let them darken, it is the time when more pectins appear with this astringent effect.

And if we have constipation it is good to eat it with skin and raw, since its high fiber content is what helps to solve this problem.

3. Avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids

The amount of fiber that each apple can give us does not have to force at the time of evacuation, and this prevents the appearance of piles.

4. Take care of your mouth

Yes it is true that eating an apple after eating helps maintain our oral health because it strengthens the gums and also helps to eliminate possible food scraps by cleaning the most superficial part of the teeth. In addition, being a bit acidic and bactericidal also favors the elimination of bacteria.

But beware! That does not mean that you do a thorough cleaning and that we do not need to clean our teeth.

10 Reasons To Start Eating Every Day 1 Apple5. Vitamins and minerals

Eating a single apple a day gives us iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins such as C and A. That is, it becomes an ally for our skin because it helps produce collagen, in addition to strengthening our teeth and bones thanks. Ideal also for people with anemia or iron deficiency.

Important! They should always be eaten with the skin because many of the vitamins are lost.

6. Protect our heart

This effect is largely due to its potassium and vitamin C.

7. Protects against cancer

Its high content in catechins and quercetins has a positive effect by capturing free radicals and thus helping our body to protect itself against a possible cancer.

8. Keep the line

Each apple contains only between 50 and 80 calories at most and also has a great satiating power, which is one of the key pieces to follow diets in which you want to lose weight or keep the line.

9. Promotes sleep

For people who find it hard to sleep, it is also advisable to eat an apple before going to bed. This effect is due in large part to the phosphorus that predisposes us to having a relaxing sleep during the night. In addition to vitamin B6 or potassium, they maintain heartbeats and promote nerve transmissions favoring this state of relaxation.

10. Helps remove kidney stones

Finally, we highlight its effect on the dreaded “stones” that cause so much pain. This is achieved by dissolving the uric acid causing the formation of kidney stones.

And to finish, remember that before eating any vegetables or fruits should be washed well to remove toxic pesticide residues. If not, more than a help happens to be a complication.

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