What Foods Harm Your Teeth and Which Strengthens

What Foods Harm Your Teeth and Which Strengthens

If prevention is very important in all aspects of life, when we talk about the health of our teeth, prevention is fundamental. In oral health hygiene is the key element of prevention. However, we must not forget that there are foods that can be harmful to our teeth, although there are other foods that were beneficial.

What Foods Harm Your Teeth and Which Strengthens

Do not be alarmed, the list of harmful foods does not really include basic elements for a healthy diet, although there are some common foods like coffee or fizzy drinks.

Harmful foods

Obviously, the worst enemies of the teeth are those foods that can contribute to the formation of caries, bacteria or stains of teeth, to a greater or lesser extent there is a comprehensive listing of these foods although the following would be among the most harmful:

Coffee and tea

Long-term coffee stains on the teeth have the peculiarity of being more persistent and difficult to eradicate than even those of tobacco, which are considered to be one of the most difficult to clean spots.

For their part, there are certain types of tea that can even tarnish more than coffee. The different varieties of black tea have a high content of tannins, a substance that stains the teeth with ease. The tendency to use herbal teas limits the impact of stains but, by its very characteristics, can increase the level of damage to the enamel even more than the black tea.

What Foods Harm Your Teeth and Which StrengthensCitrus fruits

Here we are facing a major conflict. And is that citrus must be present in a balanced diet and healthy, since its contribution of nutrients and vitamin C is very important. However, the acid that cyclic fruits present is not so good for teeth.

Among the most common citrus fruits, the most damaging to the teeth could be considered lemon or grapefruit, while orange happens to be one of the citrus with less acid content.


Of course they are a great pleasure, but they are tremendous enemies of the teeth. If we talk about the chewable candies we will see that the remains that can remain attached to the teeth end up generating bacteria that burn the sugar and convert it to acid, eliminating the protection of the enamel and therefore promoting caries.

However, do not even think that hard candy is the solution, since although they do not leave leftovers at the same level as the chews, the process in which they are melted in the mouth is a long time and gives plenty of time for the bacteria to produce acid, To this we must add the sweet and citrus candies as the most harmful.

Soft drinks

Another great enemy of the teeth. On the one hand we have the high sugar content that usually present these drinks and that contributes to the formation of caries, and by the acids that these measures can present more harmful results than the sugar. We must keep in mind that even those dietary soft drinks (which contain less sugar or substitute) can end time by damaging the enamel of the teeth.

Beneficial foods

As we said at the beginning, there are also foods that bring benefits to our dental health, we will review some of them among the main.


Water helps to wash the acid and the sugar that is deposited the teeth, only for this we are already a great ally of the dental health, but, in addition, the mineral that the water possesses is an effective protector against the deterioration of the dental enamel.

Food with fiber

Foods that contain a lot of fiber, such as green vegetables, are not only very good allies in the fight against cholesterol, they are also effective allies in dental health, since they require a chewing higher than other foods helping To clean the teeth both by friction and by the production of saliva which, like water, helps to wash the acid and sugar deposited the teeth.

Dairy products

Although over the years have had various positions on the matter today is considered good that the consumption of dairy as an essential source of calcium are very important for healthy teeth. We must remember that calcium not only helps us face the strengthening of our bones but also helps to maintain stronger and stronger tooth enamel.

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