perfect father

What must be able to perfect father?

It does not happen, unfortunately perfect people, but how do you want to become exemplary for many mums. Ah, of course! And to have their children was the ideal and perfect father. How, then, to the feminine look to be a dad

What must be able to perfect husband?

In – the first a dad should be just in general, because the presence of her husband how he committed was neither determined that it is sure to become an exemplary father, and on the contrary, even after the collapse the family relationship between the children and father are the same – and his father did not divorced.

perfect father

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But otherwise every woman has their own criteria for personality of the ideal man , which almost always goes to spare criteria other women . Who – believes that the ideal husband should be with Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and rise at night when the baby cries, it belishko wash, change diapers and walk every day with your child, prepare the baby healthy correct food and so on.

Others believe that the pope should be ideal – a man unwavering authoritative rod families provide their children financially, so that they in anything does not deny, and educated.

But do men think mostly that fatherhood – this is happiness, not the usual routine, because then only the children and will be happy with his father. You have to be more accommodating to the kids and fun, but everything in moderation, so you do not all turned into a kind of “familiarity”. According to the men need to protect and help their children overcome life’s difficulties.

And what kids are waiting for their dad? The father should be fair and kind. Children want to see their fathers a strong man who can always protect him. They need not authoritative and stern boss of – for kids who grow up cowardly and intimidated. They need a reliable loyal friend who will always give good advice from his rich life experience. For them, the father – is an example of courage, which is always safe and secure, he is attentive to his mother thus increasing even more its credibility in the eyes of a child and helps to have a good good family relationships.

But in any case, kids like their fathers and find my dad the best. Well, parents, in turn, should draw conclusions from this and become an example for their beloved children. After all, the most effective family education is their own behavior. Psychologists do not knowingly say that children are a reflection of the family.

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