Truth and myths about vitamins

As we know vitamins – is the most important pieces of our precious health. The human body without simply can not function. We must receive them on a daily basis, as the vitamins in-kind fuel for borrowing fire our health.

Of course, it is in fact know everything, so most people eat fruits and vegetables, take monovitaminy and vitamin complexes. But, unfortunately, and perhaps, as always, there was confusion and quite a lot of vitamins. Therefore Health Blog offers to understand and learn the truth and myths about vitamins.


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Truth and myths about vitamins

Misconception number 1

With fruits and vegetables, you can get all the necessary minerals and vitamins!

This is not true. Berries, vegetables and fruits are able to “satisfy” our body carotenoids, folic acid and vitamin C. A large number of them are in the “green”, so it really make up the daily dose. But in order to deliver a daily dose of vitamin B2, it is necessary to eat every day for 150 g. offal as the kidneys or liver, or 4 to use cottage cheese packs.

Misconception number 2

From vitamin deficiency can protect a balanced diet!

This is not true. Of course, the daily human diet is well balanced and it is believed that gets all the necessary vitamins. This misconception is quite common for those who keep the commandments of healthy food carefully. Even eating properly and drink plenty of raw, boiled or steamed food, you can not get all the vitamins.

After all, a large proportion of products subject to technological processing, preservation and long-term storage. And all of this together leads inevitably to the loss of nutrients.

Misconception number 3

Synthetic vitamins do not correspond to natural!

It’s a delusion. Some believe that synthetic vitamins in tablets do not correspond to natural analogues, negatively affecting their efficiency as well as increase the allergenicity. In fact, vitamin complexes produced by pharmaceutical companies are identical “natural” that are contained in foods. For its effectiveness, the chemical structure and biological activity even correspond to synthetic natural vitamins. And this is the explanation. Typically, vitamins are obtained from natural raw materials or are isolated from natural sources. For example, glucose is isolated from vitamin C, as a result of synthesis by microorganisms produced vitamin B12. Tablet vitamins, unlike natural analogues, longer and better kept and offer a guarantee of high-purity substances. The more that the producers of multivitamin complexes also give guarantee that useful minerals contained in their product in a form that our bodies digest most easily.

Myth number 4

Vitamins should be increased during times of stress!

This is not true. Any stress, psycho-emotional stress, anxiety exceeds the consumption of vitamins. And, in turn, reinforces their lack of impact on the body of stress. As you can see, forming a vicious cycle, which affects negatively on the mental and physical health. The human body is under stress need, especially B vitamins, which play a very important role in the regulation of antioxidant vitamins and processes in the nervous system. Therefore, in times of stress, you can take vitamin complexes, which contain vitamins data. But if the body receives all the necessary doses of vitamins in times of stress, it does not have to increase their sense.

Myth number 5

No need to pay for expensive vitamins, because they are all the same!

This is not true. Therefore, we recommend when choosing a multivitamin complexes listen to doctor’s recommendation. Necessarily it is necessary to familiarize with the summary and information on the packaging. The Russian law on the content of vitamins in the preparations, but also enriched their food should be indicated on the packaging in the form of a percentage of the daily needs of the person or in absolute values.

Considered qualitative complexes, wherein the content of each kind of vitamins is at least 20-30% of the daily human requirements, and ideally, if they can fill this need in the 50-100%. Therefore, preference should be given to complexes with a host of vitamins and minerals.

Myth number 6

All the vitamins and minerals to help your health!

This is not true. Prolonged use of and exceeding the recommended doses of vitamins in the summary is very dangerous. Vitamins can help, but do great harm to the body.

For example, take the smokers who are able to easily “earn” lung cancer, if they abuse the beta-carotene. Large doses of vitamin E can become a cause pressure increase. Folic Acid Overdose causes rash, peeling, and irritation of the skin.

Of course, we can buy in any pharmacy vitamins and do self-medicate. But Health Blog strongly recommends not to do so. The ideal option would be a consultation with the doctor, who will focus on your state of health, to the needs of the age, as well as the surrounding circumstances and will be able to choose the optimal variant of the complex trace elements and vitamins.

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