thrush manifests in men

Is thrush manifests in men

Candidiasis (thrush) – a fungal disease that usually strikes the genital mucosa. The causative agents of disease – sort of Candida fungi (such as candida albicans), colonizing mucosal and skin of a healthy person, but they are very actively proliferate, causing the disease under favorable conditions. Thrush, first of all – this female disease, as it is more common in women especially in pregnant women. But you can not argue that this disease bypasses male side.

 thrush manifests in men

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Is thrush manifests in men

Thrush affects men in a few dozen less than women. Of course, giving these statistics should take into account the fact that the men in half of the cases medical help in case of problems does not apply in the field of sex, especially if these problems are not very pronounced and do not bother him constantly. Hormonal male and structure of his genitals, as such, not very much and create favorable conditions for the fungus that causes thrush. Men thrush occurs is much easier to hold and its manifestations are only a few minutes. Symptoms of yeast infection in men often appear immediately after sex and may disappear quickly, even without treatment.

So if the cause of the disease in women is a condition of its own body (intestinal dysbiosis, pregnancy, low immunity), the men usually candidiasis occurs after sexual intercourse. Immunosuppression plays certainly a role, but not as significant. In diabetes, HIV infection, the treatment of tumor diseases (patients received drugs which suppress the activity of immune system), the frequency of the disease in men increases slightly. Incidentally another feature men is independent of the disease from intestinal dysbiosis.

What are the symptoms of yeast infection in men?

A strong half of mankind thrush symptoms include an itchy pain, burning sensation in the head of the penis, which increases after sexual intercourse. Sometimes the pain can appear only during sex, and do not disturb the rest of the time. On the foreskin, the glans penis, usually visible light film-coating, which is just an accumulation of fungi. This coating is removed easily during sexual intercourse, thus leaving the mucous member without the protective layer. It is from here and taken all of these unpleasant sensations. How would men thrush or leaked, the symptoms should alert the man as mucosal damage may not hold bacteria and there is a risk of a pustular infection of the reproductive organs. Candidiasis in men may manifest itself not only as a light touch, the symptoms can be worn by men and nature redness member even without a clear connection with sex. Thrush in men can also occur burning when urinating.

In men, the disease is common, when his wife was pregnant. This is due to the fact that female genital mutilation favorable conditions for the fungus, providing a very active reproduction of the pathogen. Accordingly, during intercourse the man passed him a greater amount.

Even with the absence of any signs of thrush, every man can be a carrier of the fungus Candida. Therefore, by treating yeast infections in women, it is necessary simultaneously to cure yeast infection in men, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved. When is prolonged disease, recurrent, especially if it is – “family” disease may spread through the urethra infection. All of this could lead to cystitis, prostate disease and even infertility. That’s why, no matter what was “not serious” disease thrush, its treatment in men also need to carry out treatment, as well as in women.

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