Diet every other day

Everyone wants to meet the unattainable ideals. Alas, sometimes very difficult to properly adjust your weight, so even if the wrong approach when we limit ourselves greatly, there is a chance to put their own health a huge loss.To prevent all the sad consequences, would be better if we become more selective in terms of diet and choice for themselves to find a proven option, for example, I want to offer a diet – “A day.”


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Of course, you can choose a more viable option, but if you look closer at such a diet, it can be seen them reversed. The body is used to a certain balance, an environment that supports stable for a long time. And if you cut food intake dramatically, then the cause may be the opposite effect – the hidden processes are activated, putting off critical case fat. This effect is a normal defensive reaction, which if rashly choose a diet is irreversible.

Diet “later day” of the harmful effect is not allowed. It is this: you need on the first day to reduce by two-thirds of calorie intake, returning to the usual diet on the second day. Can this method of alternate endlessly, and its effect will be just fine.

The body in this state does not have time to understand what is fasting without stress. Due to this hidden mechanism that puts fat in reserve, it does not work. So consuming fewer calories a day, and if necessary for the normal operation, if you want more, then the body uses fats, which postponed earlier just in case.

Some after a day with the restrictions overlap very much on the food. It is not necessary to do so, otherwise the desired effect is achieved. Of course, the restrictions on the second day of fall off, but it does not mean you have to boldly rob refrigerator. It should be moderate desires and avoided the possibility of a sweet, fat and other high-calorie foods.

Do not expect quick results – patience, natural fat burning need a certain time. But if such power be maintained for a long time, we can get closer to his ideal of beauty, without putting stress health.

And the important thing to remember – every diet has its contraindications. Pregnant and lactating women, people with weakened immune systems and young people, it is not necessary to use the above tips.

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