Diet during fasting

People during Lent seek to cleanse the soul and the body, to improve their physical, mental and emotional state. Stick to fasting people always cheerful, sanguine, and much less likely to fall ill with various diseases.


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This is due to all that when fasting during the observance of certain diet so to speak in the body to normal metabolism. That is why it is very important to choose the right while fasting need a diet that is suitable for your body.

It is necessary at the time of the strictest fasting exclude from their diet of animal products – milk, eggs, meat and pastries and various sweets. But when choosing a gentle post allowed the consumption of dairy products.

Church rules generally stipulate that a person to give up products should not be, if it will affect negatively on his body. It is therefore necessary to calculate correctly the forces and remove from the diet of those products, the lack of which will not harm health.

To diet during fasting is better to prepare in advance, a sharp rejection of the conventional products the body can lead to the failure of the work of the esophagus, causing unpleasant consequences later. Try to gradually remove meat and dairy products from the diet, watching how the body will react to it.

Include in the diet of more fresh fruit, vegetables, fruits, nuts are very useful, nutritious legumes and cereals. It is important in this drink plenty of fluids -. Juices, fruit drinks, water, etc. Lower portions with their eat more, for example 5-6 times per day.

Lean kitchen, by the way, has a lot of interesting recipes that can easily be found in social networks and magazines. Product variety, desire and a little imagination will allow to easily adapt to a Lenten food and turn even everyday diet dishes liked by the end of the post.

Do not forget, of course, a healthy lifestyle. Fasting can lose extra weight and feel more pleasant and easier. So often it is necessary to walk in the fresh air, move more, and then be sure to feel a burst of energy and strength.

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