Balanitis men

Balanitis men

Balanitis – an inflammation of the glans penis. Balanitis frequent inflammatory disease of the reproductive system of men, which occurs at any age, there are cases, including displays and balanitis children.

Types of balanitis

In its origin balanitis it is of two types – primary and secondary, as well as – acute and chronic. There are clinical manifestations form balanitis:

  • Irritative or simple;
  • Ulcerative;
  • Erosive;
  • Obliterans;
  • Chronic hypertrophic.

Balanitis men

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The main cause of the disease – this failure to comply with personal hygiene, creates favorable conditions for infection, which falls on the sexual organ. Also it has a value of reduction in local and general immunity. Balanitis simple can go without treatment in ulcerative, erosive and chronic. As a rule, balanitis obliterans occurs in men as a distinct disease chronicity, and are not clear until now the reasons for its occurrence.

Secondary balanitis – it’s just one of the symptoms, which manifest a common disease of the body, endocrinology, infectious or autoimmune. Frequent cases when the disease occurs in older diabetics, it also occurs as a consequence of autoimmune processes – psoriasis, scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc. Balanitis of infectious diseases provoked mostly gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, fungi of Candida genus, namely – Candida albicans, which is a cause of yeast infection in women, it is the cause of Candida balanitis men.

For men balanitis is caused, as a rule, the restriction of the prepuce or phimosis, which is why in the prepuce gather the remnants of urine and smegma, which serve as an irritant. When this factor associated infection, then inflamed head of the penis (balanitis), but in this case it is inflamed with a piece of the foreskin, then developing in balanoposthitis men.

Symptoms of balanitis

When inflammation of the head of the first symptoms of balanitis member – this discomfort: itching, burning. It becomes visible swelling and redness of the head. In the case of the disease occurs acutely joins the usual symptoms of a general deterioration: the temperature rises, reducing the overall tone, a headache. Symptoms also include increased production of smegma, sometimes its number so large that permeates even underwear. Also it appears from prepuce pus.

Symptoms of balanitis in peptic ulcer and erosive form – is ulcers and erosion, where the erosive form without treatment passes respectively ulcer. This balanitis is accompanied by pain in the glans penis, which increases with movement.

Candida balanitis is characterized by a strong sense of itching, covered with a whitish bloom on the head member of the erosions. In the coronal sulcus may accumulate cheesy white flakes, and stands out from the prepuce liquid exudate.

Symptom obliterans balanitis is manifested in the appearance of the skin of the head areas of scarring. Areas with atrophied skin, pale appearance accompanied by a feeling of tightness. When balanitis obliterans in the stage of development of the disease can occur narrowing of the urethra, urination disturbing.

Diagnosis of balanitis

Usually, the diagnosis does not cause any – any doubt and to put it quite balanitis described above symptoms are detected when inspecting the external genital organs. Studies are needed only to determine the causative agent of the disease, which is of great importance in the treatment of balanitis. Held this purpose bacteriological smear, which is taken from the urethra. In case of not giving balanitis conventional therapy, carried out a detailed diagnosis: a blood test for sugar, PCR study on the presence of infections that are sexually transmitted.

Treatment of balanitis

As a rule, the treatment balanitis that is not complicated by purulent inflammation is limited to the use of local anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Recommended careful hygiene of genitals, which you need to expose the head, wash it thoroughly with warm water and soap, which contains a minimum quantity of perfume, then blot dry with a towel. It is necessary to carry out such procedures every 3-4 hours. Complement the topical treatment of balanitis washing head member antiseptic solutions: hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, a decoction of medicinal herbs – eucalyptus, sage, chamomile.

Treatment erosive form, other than the above is performed using anti ointments are applied in 2-3 times daily to the affected after hygiene.

If the disease was complicated by lymphadenitis (when the inflamed lymph nodes), or turned into a gangrenous, ulcerous-necrotic form, topical treatment balanitis should be done with taking a course of antibiotics and 14 days, it all depends on the severity of the process.

When Candida balanitis is applied to the bare head ointment that contains an antibiotic antifungal action, and recommend a diet with reduced carbohydrates easily digestible (sweets, juices, sweet sodas).

Balanitis obliterans treated according to the stage of the disease itself. Early enough on a long course of using ointments that contain anti-hormonal agents. When there is a narrowing of the urethra stage, the surgical treatment is carried out by removing the restriction, as well as removing the skin, which are subjected to scarring.

If it was found that the causes of inflammation of the head of external sexual organ served available phimosis, then surgical treatment, performing a circumcision, that is – circumcision.

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