signs of stress

5 signs of stress

Stress – it is such a reaction of the body to be a no negative event, which has not happened previously. This reaction usually lasts where – is 2-3 days, but then it can turn into a depressive syndrome. In order to prevent this it is necessary for the early to know the symptoms of stress and therefore Health Blog offers found – 5 signs of stress.

signs of stress

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Cannot sleep

This feature is the first. We lay down to sleep, close your eyes … and we sleep disturbance. The head of any thoughts climb almost all night. Either all of that does not climb, empty head, but did not get to sleep.

Not lezhitsya

Sometimes it happens that you see a hundred head need to go to sleep, but you cannot. This process has the slang definition – “neulezhchivost”. As soon as there are any – the business and a lot of unfinished work. That laundry is not doglazheno, the tap is flowing, the film, seen a thousand times, but still interesting to see. It seems, and you realize that all this can finish tomorrow, but …

And, after all, these things are tightened up to 3-4 nights. And even if put to bed, and force yourself to sleep, wake up in a few minutes. T awkward position, headaches and nightmares.


This third sign, which usually do not list a sign of stress – a very sore recovery. This does not apply the early morning, but just the fact that we have described in the second paragraph – after sleep wake up after 2-4 hours. But at the same time there is a feeling as if you slept night. Who – even enjoys such a short sleep and does not even know what is to blame just the stress.


Signs of stress also appear during the day that you begin to sound like a robot. You begin to do all the work and order “on the machine”, without any creative performing as a mere formality. Also, the concentration of your attention is severely impaired.

Irritability or lethargy

Usually a person who has experienced stress, does not hold back his anger, and it shows very often. The second manifestation – a withdrawal, closure, making it forever preoccupied by something, and inhibited. He complains of shortness of breath, pain in the heart incomprehensible that he had previously experienced. All of these symptoms it does not necessarily have to be present at it, he comes up with them to their prestress state switch on search obscure problems.

Very important

The man who had endured stress, usually all of these symptoms are noticed. But when he still saw them usually after 4-5 days, his stress begins to grow into a heavy clinical depression. That is why the family is very important to note all of these signs and send the patient to a specialist or else get him to at least call the psychological – line help. Be healthy!

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